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    Under the Dome

    Poster of the movie Under the Dome

    Under the Dome

    TV Series     2013     Horror/thriller     USA

    Set in the near future, Under the Dome tells the story of the residents of the small town of Chester's Mill, who suddenly find themselves cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious, impenetrable barrier that surrounds the town. As the town begins to tear itself apart through panic, a small group of people attempt to maintain peace and order while also trying to uncover the truth behind the barrier and how to escape from it.



    Mike Vogel
    Rachelle Lefevre
    Alexander Koch
    Colin Ford
    Dean Norris
    Eddie Cahill
    Britt Robertson
    Marg Helgenberger
    Sherry Stringfield
    Samantha Mathis
    Dwight Yoakam
    Brett Cullen
    Frank Whaley
    Ned Bellamy
    Mare Winningham
    Eriq La Salle
    Andrew J. West
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    Photo from the movie Under the Dome
    Photo from the movie Under the Dome


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