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    Vinyl Days

    Spanish poster of the movie Vinyl Days

    Vinyl Days

    Días de vinilo     1h 59min
    2012     Argentina
    Original lang: Spanish

    Damian, Facundo, Luciano and Marcelo have been inseparable friends since childhood, all sharing a passion for classic rock & roll on vinyl. Damián is a filmmaker, about to start shooting a film with Leonardo Sbaraglia but loses the only copy of his script. Luciano is a DJ for a hip radio station and dating Lila, a gorgeous pop singer who composes a song about Luciano's jealousy that turns into a No. 1 hit record. Marcelo is the leader of a Beatles tribute band who prohibits his band mates from dating, in fear of finding a "Yoko Ono." Even though he always dreamed of composing music, Facundo works selling plots at the cemetery and he is about to finally marry his long-term girlfriend when Lila approaches him to start writing music with her. Sparks fly, and the lives of all four friends are turned upside down.

    Directed byGabriel Nesci
    Written byGabriel Nesci


    Gastón Pauls
    Fernán Mirás
    Leonardo Sbaraglia
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