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    Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

    Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

    TV Series     1972     Animation     USA

    Wait Till Your Father Gets Home follows the lives of the Boyles family. Harry Boyle, the father, Irma, the typical housewife, and their three children: Chet, Alice, and Jamie. Chet, is a 22 year old college dropout, Alice, an overweight 16-year-old, and Jamie is the Capitalist of the family, even though he is only 9. The show is set in the suburbs of Los Angeles,on elm street no less.


    Featuring Voices of

    Tom Bosley
    Joan Gerber
    Jackie Earle Haley
    Pat Harrington Jr.
    Ross Martin
    Isabel Sanford
    Ed Begley Jr.
    Phyllis Diller
    Don Adams
    Jonathan Winters
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