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    Das Wachsfigurenkabinett     1h 5min
    1924     Fantasy     Germany
    Original lang: German

    An unemployed poet, (Dieterle), is hired by a waxwork museum proprietor, (Gottowt), and his daughter, (Belajeff), to compose verses about several waxwork exhibits. He writes about Haroun-al-Raschid, (Jannings), who in ancient Bagdad lost his arm while making advances to a baker's wife; Ivan The Terrible, (Veidt), who killed his enemies with poison only to succumb to his own potions, and Springheel Jack, (Krauss), told as a dream in which the narrator and his girlfriend are stalked by the killer.

    Directed byLeo Birinsky, Paul Leni
    Written byHenrik Galeen
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    Emil Jannings
    Conrad Veidt
    William Dieterle
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