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    Why not?

    Poster of the movie Why not?

    Why not?

    Eijanaika     2h 31min
    1981     Drama     Japan
    Original lang: Japanese, English

    Genji returns from six years in America, only to find the life he had known irretrievably lost, his young wife sold into prostitution. Discovering her in sleazy East Ryogoku, Genji is drawn into the underworld in which she lives. Strife among the ruling parties spreads throughout the city, and the people begin to riot, shouting as they loot the storehouses of wealthy merchants. As troops advance on the rioting mob, Genji, now an agitator planted by the Satsuma clan, is among them, stirring their anger.

    Directed byShôhei Imamura
    Written byShôhei Imamura, Ken Miyamoto
    CompanyBeverly PicturesBeverly PicturesBeverly Pictures


    Kaori Momoi
    Shigeru Izumiya
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