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    Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?

    Poster of the movie Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?

    Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?

    1h 05min
    2010     Documentary     USA/Cuba

    Produced by Saul Landau, ""Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?" shows that US-backed violence against Cuba continued for decades. Some Bay of Pigs participants and the most well-known terrorists appear on camera to boast or re-evaluate their activities over the years. Orlando Bosch, Jose Basulto, Luis Posada Carriles and Antonio Veciana discuss assassinations and other actions they took to bring down the Revolutionary government.

    The new film, with Danny Glover, Cuba's top counter spy and Fidel Castro himself (filmed recently), is combined with fascinating archival footage and a rare recorded interview from prison with one of the Cuban 5. These men are serving long sentences in US prisons for trying to stop terrorism against tourist sites in their country.

    "'Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?' provides every professor and specialist with an invaluable teaching and learning tool about US-Cuba policy and the history of terrorism in that policy. It also explains the story of and context for the 'Cuban 5,' the Cuban agents who penetrated Miami exile groups to stop their plans for violence against the island, and ended up in US prisons," Julia Sweig, Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies and Director for Latin America Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Directed bySaul Landau


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