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    You Can Thank Me Later

    You Can Thank Me Later (1999)
    Run time1h50m
    Directed byShimon Dotan
    Written byOren Safdie
    CompanyCinequest FilmsCinequest FilmsCinequest Films
    8 reviews9.4


    The grown Cooperberg siblings reluctantly assemble at the hospital to await the results of their father's surgery: Edward (Mark Blum), a theater producer and renowned womanizer, Eli (Ted Levine), the self-proclaimed poet who works in the family business and Susan (Amanda Plummer), the artist who still lives off her parents while justifying it as a 'grant'. Holding them all together while pushing them simultaneously apart is their mother, Shirley (Ellen Burstyn), who can't help but criticize her children's chosen paths in life, reducing them to a state of infancy.


    Ellen Burstyn
    Amanda Plummer
    Ted Levine
    Mary McDonnell
    Geneviève Bujold
    Macha Grenon
    Dorothée Berryman
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