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    You See Me Laughin'

    Poster of the movie You See Me Laughin'

    You See Me Laughin'

    1h 26min
    2002     Musical documentary     USA

    You See Me Laughin' is a personal journey into the lives and music of the last of the Mississippi hill country bluesmen - farmers and laborers first, musicians second - men who, year after year, congregated on back porches and in tiny juke joints to drink and sing and play guitar. You See me Laughin' takes us on the road and into the homes of R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, T-Model Ford, Cedell Davis, Johnny Farmer and Asie Payton - musicians who've laboured for the blues tradition despite lives steeped in poverty and violence. These are bluesmen unlike the famous few who've made it out of the Mississippi Delta. Most have lived among the same farms, small bars and competitive rivalries their entire lives. The result is a raw, powerful music that is fused with the cultural landscape of its musicians.

    Directed byMandy Stein


    R.L. Burnside
    Junior Kimbrough
    Iggy Pop
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