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    1h 50min
    2010     Action     Poland
    Original lang: Polish

    It's early morning in a huge metropolis. At the top floor of a tall modern building, in a big office of a multinational corporation's boss the phone rings. For a moment the businessman stares at his mobile, then takes the call. It's a scruffy fatso, who's driving his banger van with a strange companion at his side. The fatso asks about the decision. It's about tailing someone. The businessman hesitates for a while, only to confirm the order. He has no idea that his "yes" will trigger an avalanche of events which will concern a good many citizens of the metropolis. This is the start of a multi-layered story of numerous characters whose fates entwine and whose every single decision will have unintended consequences for the others.

    ZERO is the story of love and hate, of sex and violence, of the betraying and the betrayed, and of the unexpected mysteries which will be unravelled during these intriguing 24 hours. Once set in motion, the machine will change the lives of the characters for ever. But is it really for ever?

    Directed byPaweł Borowski
    Written byPawel Borowski


    Kamilla Baar
    Malgorzata Bereza
    Olga Boladz
    Janusz Chabior
    Robert Wieckiewicz
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