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    Zoé: Panoramas

    Spanish poster of the movie Zoé: Panoramas
    2016     Musical documentary    
    1h 29min
    Original lang: Spanish, English

    A unique and introspective look inside one of Latin America's top alternative-rock music acts, Zoé. "Panoramas" is a Cinéma Vérité-style portrait of Zoé that takes you on a contemplative audio/visual journey through some of the band's most decisive moments. A film crew accompanies the band during a two-year period to provide us with an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the band's longest international tour to date, in their first real shot at becoming well-known and "making it big" outside their home country of México. The 15-year artistic career of Zoé completes its growth-cycle and reaches full circle as the musicians arrive at the quintessential question all bands face: What's next?

    Directed byGabriel Cruz Rivas, Rodrigo Guardiola


    Adan Jodorowsky
    Zoé Le Ber
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