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    Adalen 31

    Poster of the movie Adalen 31
    Adalen 31 (1969)
    Ådalen 31
    Original lang.Swedish
    Run time1h50m
    GenreRomantic drama
    Directed byBo Widerberg
    Written byBo Widerberg


    In a working-class town in Sweden, the factory employees are participating in a sympathy strike with workers from a nearby town. Among the strikers are Harald Andersson (Roland Hedlund) and his family, who weather the strike amiably until a big foreign order motivates the factory owners to finally call in scabs. The workers arrange what they hope will be a peaceful march of protest, but as tempers flare the military reserves are called in and tragedy strikes the Andersson family.


    Peter Schildt
    Kerstin Tidelius
    Roland Hedlund
    Stefan Feierbach
    Martin Widerberg
    Marie De Geer
    Anita Björk
    Olof Bergström
    Jonas Bergström
    Olle Björling
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