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    Body of Evidence

    Poster of the movie Body of Evidence

    Body of Evidence

    1h 39min
    1992     Dramatic thriller     Germany/USA

    Rebecca Carlson, a beautiful, seductive art-gallery owner, is accused of using her sexual wiles to murder her much older and very wealthy lover in order to inherit his estate. The D.A. takes charge of the murder investigation...his primary witness is the deceased's devoted personal secretary, who is armed with eyewitness accusations about Carlson's shocking behavior. Carlson hires Portland's finest attorney to defend her -- Frank Dulaney. With Dulaney's powers of persuasion, Carlson has the best possible defense as the dramatic trial unfolds. But... will Dulaney be able to defend himself from the extraordinary allure of his new client?

    Directed byUli Edel
    Written byBrad Mirman


    Michael Forest
    Joe Mantegna
    Richard Riehle
    Anne Archer
    Willem Dafoe
    Julianne Moore
    Stan Shaw
    Jürgen Prochnow
    Frank Langella
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