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    I Spy

    Poster of the movie I Spy
    TV Series    1965     Action comedy    

    Kelly Robinson (Robert Culp) and Alexander Scott (Bill Cosby) travel around the world posing as an international tennis star and his trainer, under cover of their real profession as agents for the United States government.



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    Robert Culp
    Bill Cosby
    France Nuyen
    James Hong
    Harold J. Stone
    Jack Kruschen
    Joey Heatherton
    Cicely Tyson
    Michael Constantine
    Martin Landau
    Julie London
    Vera Miles
    Lew Ayres
    Victor Buono
    Ron Howard
    Anna Karina
    Sally Kellerman
    Carroll O'Connor
    Maurice Evans
    Nina Foch
    Boris Karloff
    Jean Marsh
    Ricardo Montalban
    Don Rickles
    Leslie Uggams
    Jim Backus
    Will Geer
    Marie Gomez
    Linda Marsh
    Greg Morris
    Cyril Delevanti
    Kurt Kasznar
    Beah Richards
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