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    I Went to the Zoo the Other Day

    I Went to the Zoo the Other Day (2009)

    Original lang.Serbian
    Run time1h08m
    Directed byLuo Li
    Written byLuo Li


    Exquisitely photographed in digital black and white, Li's debut feature follows a young Serbian man, Danilo, and his friend Dragana as they wander through the Toronto Zoo on a beautiful summer day. Carefully studying his subjects in long shots and slow pans, accompanied by a cacophony of off-screen voices on the soundtrack, Li subtly dissolves the divide between his characters and the animals they view, drawing a correlation between their mutual conditions as exiles within a fabricated environment. Beautifully rendering the melancholy of alienation and displacement, I Went to the Zoo the Other Day culminates in a haunting reflection on the urban landscape as the protagonists traverse the asphalt wilderness of Ontario's 401 Westbound highway.


    Michael Moriarty
    Candy Clark
    David Carradine
    Richard Roundtree
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