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    Judd for the Defense

    Poster of the movie Judd for the Defense
    TV Series    1967     Criminal drama    
    Company20th Century Fox20th Century Fox20th Century Fox


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    Carl Betz
    Stephen Young
    Bradford Dillman
    Kevin McCarthy
    Richard Kiley
    Joe Mantell
    Tom Selleck
    Edward Asner
    Quentin Dean
    Vera Miles
    Leslie Nielsen
    Daniel J. Travanti
    James Whitmore
    Chill Wills
    Pat Crowley
    Richard Dreyfuss
    Robert Duvall
    Norman Fell
    James Franciscus
    Lee Grant
    Earl Holliman
    Katharine Houghton
    Ida Lupino
    Jessica Tandy
    Margaret Leighton
    Joe Don Baker
    William Windom
    Bonnie Bedelia
    Karen Black
    Julie Sommars
    Vincent Gardenia
    Joan Hackett
    Robert Forster
    Charles Grodin
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