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    Poster of the movie Laura
    Run time1h28m
    GenreFilm noir
    Directed byOtto Preminger
    Written byVera Caspary, Jay Dratler
    Company20th Century Fox20th Century Fox20th Century Fox
    One review9.0


    Young, beautiful and talented Laura Hunt is thought to have been murdered, since a body was found in her apartment, dressed in her clothes, though with face obliterated by a shotgun blast. A police detective sent to investigate the case, Mark McPherson, soon focusses his suspicions upon three people: Waldo Lydecker, a waspish journalist who maintained an ambivalent relationship with Laura (in spite of the considerable age difference he seems to have behaved on occasions like a jealous lover); Shelby Carpenter, a weak-willed playboy accustomed to living off any women who he can impress with his tall, athletic build; and Ann Treadwell, Laura's cynical aunt, who was jealous of Laura's relationship and possible forthcoming marriage with Shelby.


    Gene Tierney
    Dana Andrews
    Clifton Webb
    Vincent Price
    Judith Anderson
    Cara Williams
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