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    Made in America

    Poster of the movie Made in America

    Made in America

    1h 51min
    1993     Comedy     France/USA

    As a result of a science class blood test, Zora discovers that the man she thought was her father actually wasn't. Instead Zora finds she was the result of artificial insemination. After researching the sperm bank's records, Zora discovers, much to the surprise of Sarah and herself, that the anonymous sperm donor is in fact, Hal Jackson (Ted Danson), a loud, crude obnoxious (and white) used-car dealer who advertises on late-night television. Zora visits Hal while he is filming a commercial and Hal brushes her off. Enraged, Sarah tells Hal off, but after meeting Zora he now feels a paternal itch. Not only that, but he is beginning to feel an attraction to Sarah.

    Directed byRichard Benjamin
    Written byMarcia Brandwynne, Nadine Schiff
    CompanyWarner Bros.Warner Bros.Warner Bros.


    Whoopi Goldberg
    Ted Danson
    Will Smith
    Nia Long
    Paul Rodriguez
    Jennifer Tilly
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    © Warner Bros.Warner Bros.Warner Bros.

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