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    Mystery Road

    Poster of the movie Mystery Road

    Mystery Road

    2h 1min
    2013     Thriller     Australia

    a brutal crime, a rookie cop out of his depth stands alone between two worlds, where the mystery lies just below the surface Mystery Road ...

    Indigenous cowboy detective Jay Swan returns to his outback home town, to solve the murder of a teenage girl, whose body is found under the highway trucking route out of town.

    Alienated from both the white dominated police force and his own community, including his teenage daughter, who he discovers is connected with the murdered girl, Jay stands alone in his determination to fight back for his town and his peo

    Directed byIvan Sen
    Written byIvan Sen


    Aaron Pedersen
    Hugo Weaving
    Ryan Kwanten
    Jack Thompson
    Bruce Spence
    Samara Weaving
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