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    News From Planet Mars

    Poster of the movie News From Planet Mars

    News From Planet Mars

    Des Nouvelles de la planète Mars     1h 41min
    2016     Comedy-drama     France/Belgium
    Original lang: French

    Philippe Mars is a reasonable man in an unreasonable world. He's trying to be a good father, a kind ex-husband, a nice colleague, an understanding sibling... But the planets have not been exactly aligned in his favor lately. With his son turning into a hardcore vegan, his daughter into a pathological overachiever and his sister selling oversized paintings of their naked parents, it seems to our ever-so prudent Philippe that everyone around him is starting to behave more and more erratically. When his more than over the top colleague Jerôme accidentally chops off his ear and then moves into Philippe's apartment, things start to go from bad to insane for our hero.

    Directed byDominik Moll
    Written byDominik Moll, Gilles Marchand
    CompanyKino LorberKino LorberKino Lorber


    François Damiens
    Vincent Macaigne
    Veerle Baetens
    Léa Drucker
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    Trailer (with Eng. subt.)

    5 years ago

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