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    Pound of Flesh

    Pound of Flesh (2010)

    GenreDramatic thriller
    Directed byTamar Simon Hoffs
    Written byTamar Simon Hoffs


    Professor Noah Melville teaches the most popular Shakespeare class at Barden College. Seemingly a model family man, his young daughter and lovely wife adore him, as do the beautiful girls who take his class.

    But Noah Melville has a secret.

    Between lectures, Noah, a proponent of sexual freedom, runs an escort service using his brightest students who cannot afford the steep tuition. They are paid through "Scholarships" funded by upscale clients, including Cameron Morris, millionaire college benefactor, and a scandalous web of leaders of the community.

    A young woman's body, found near campus, is the first assignment of Patrick Kelly, the new detective in town. His investigation ultimately leads to Noah who is arrested. Faced with a long prison sentence, Noah soon becomes a fugitive from the law. Kelly is ordered to back off by his superiors, but he takes matters into his own hands and relentlessly tracks Melville down to a surprising and brutal outcome.


    Malcolm McDowell
    Ashley Wren Collins
    Timothy Bottoms
    Angus Macfadyen
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