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    Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

    Poster of the movie Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
    TV Series    2012     Animation    
    United Kingdom/USA/Ireland

    Randy Cunningham is an average high school freshman until he is chosen to become The Ninja! Now he must defend the downtrodden, save his fellow students and become hero to the good people of Norrisville. As he battles monsters and madmen, Randy must also survive high school, face down the local bully and look cool in front of the class hottie.


    Featuring Voices of

    Ben Schwartz
    Andrew Caldwell
    Scott Menville
    Tim Curry
    Ben Cross
    Sarah Hyland
    Megan Mullally
    Piper Curda
    Richard Kind
    John Oliver
    David Koechner
    Simon Pegg
    Jennifer Tilly
    Adam Pally
    Bill Hader
    Andy Dick
    David Alan Grier
    Annie Potts
    Andy Richter
    Steve Zahn
    Robert Englund
    Patrick Warburton
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