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    Soul Man

    Poster of the movie Soul Man

    Soul Man

    1h 44min
    1986     Romantic comedy     USA

    Mark Watson (C. Thomas Howell) has been accepted to Harvard Law School, but his dreams are dashed when his parents withdraw financial support. In desperation, Mark chemically darkens his skin and wins a full scholarship intended for black students. What results is a series of comic misadventures including romantic entanglements that explode stereotypes. Suddenly, in a bout with his conscience, he learns that his clever trick denied a far more deserving student a scholarship. On his day of reckoning, Mark makes restitution and leaves everyone in the school a little changed by the experience.

    Directed bySteve Miner
    Written byCarol Black
    CompanyNew World PicturesNew World PicturesNew World Pictures


    C. Thomas Howell
    Rae Dawn Chong
    James Earl Jones
    Leslie Nielsen
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    M.C. Gainey
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