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    The Diary of Anne Frank

    Poster of the movie The Diary of Anne Frank

    The Diary of Anne Frank (1959)

    Original lang.English, German
    Run time2h51m
    GenreDramatic thriller
    Directed byGeorge Stevens
    Written byFrances Goodrich, Albert Hackett
    Company20th Century Fox20th Century Fox20th Century Fox
    One review10


    A young Dutch Jewish girl hiding from the invading Nazis during World War II. Anne and her family share a claustrophobic attic with another family. Tension is often unbearable, as the people hiding know that their discovery by the enemy could lead to almost certain death at the hands of their captors. They also must contend with the Dutch Gestapo or "Green Police," who will turn them over to the Nazis if discovered. Dutch nationals risk their lives by hiding the family for two years. The group, despite the horror and crowded conditions, still find time for celebrations of Hanukkah and rejoice quietly in the small attic that has become their world.



    Millie Perkins
    Joseph Schildkraut
    Shelley Winters
    Richard Beymer
    Diane Baker
    Ed Wynn
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