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    The Hitchhiker

    Poster of the movie The Hitchhiker
    TV Series    1983     Horror/thriller    
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    Page Fletcher
    Nicholas Campbell
    Kirstie Alley
    Sebastian Roché
    Robert Vaughn
    Margot Kidder
    Edward Albert
    Gregg Henry
    Fred Ward
    Virginia Madsen
    Bill Paxton
    Timothy Bottoms
    Paul Le Mat
    Ken Olin
    Brad Davis
    Lucy Gutteridge
    Dean Paul Martin
    Joe Pantoliano
    Stephanie Zimbalist
    Perry King
    Michael Ontkean
    Bruce Weitz
    Ray Sharkey
    C. Thomas Howell
    Peggy Lipton
    Robby Benson
    Lorenzo Lamas
    Alan Thicke
    Robert Foxworth
    Jennifer Dale
    Louise Fletcher
    Elliott Gould
    Michael Madsen
    Gary Busey
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