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    The Hustler

    Poster of the movie The Hustler

    The Hustler

    2h 14min
    1961     Romantic drama     USA

    Fast Eddie Felson (Paul Newman), a self-destructive, ambitious pool player is out to beat Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason). With Sarah (Piper Laurie), his alcoholic girlfriend and Bert (George C. Scott), the sinister, big-league pool backer, this is the ultimate tale of talent, compromise, doomed love, death, and redemption. In other words, winning and losing in America.

    Directed byRobert Rossen
    Written bySidney Carroll, Robert Rossen
    Company20th Century Fox20th Century Fox20th Century Fox



    Paul Newman
    Jackie Gleason
    Piper Laurie
    George C. Scott
    Michael Constantine
    Vincent Gardenia
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