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    Poster of the movie The Postman
    1997     Science-fiction    
    2h 57min

    The year is 2013 and the future isn't what it used to be. There are no highways, no I-ways, no dreams of a better tomorrow-only scattered bands of terrorized survivors in what was once called the United States. Into this apocalyptic wasteland comes an enigmatic drifter with a mule named Bill, a knack for the works of Shakespeare and something he has yet to discover: the power to inspire hope.

    Directed byKevin Costner
    Written byDavid Brin, Eric Roth, Brian Helgeland
    CompanyWarner Bros.Warner Bros.Warner Bros.


    Kevin Costner
    Will Patton
    Olivia Williams
    Giovanni Ribisi
    Peggy Lipton
    Shawn Hatosy
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