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    The Private Life of Samuel Pepys

    Poster of the movie The Private Life of Samuel Pepys

    The Private Life of Samuel Pepys

    2003     Drama     United Kingdom

    Samuel Pepys was a high ranking and brilliant Admiralty official, but in private he was a cheat, a philanderer and an adulterer. In 1679 Pepys was put on trial for embezzling Navy funds. His diaries can clear him but they will also expose him for what he is, destroying him as a public figure in society. Will Pepys exonerate yet damn himself by revealing the contents of his diaries or will he hang?

    Directed byOliver Parker
    Written byGuy Jenkin


    Steve Coogan
    Lou Doillon
    Nathaniel Parker
    Tim Pigott-Smith
    Miranda Raison
    Zoë Tapper
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