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    The Yellow Rolls-Royce

    Poster of the movie The Yellow Rolls-Royce

    The Yellow Rolls-Royce

    2h 02min
    1964     Romantic comedy-drama     United Kingdom

    Three stories about the lives and loves of those who own a certain yellow Rolls-Royce:

    First purchased by the Marquess of Frinton for his wife as a belated anniversary present, the Marchiness finds her own use for the vehicle - one which prompts her husband to sell the car in disgust.

    Gangster Paolo Maltese's moll, Mae, thinks the Rolls is a "classy" car in which to tour Paolo's home town in Italy. When Paolo is called away to the States to finish some "business", a bored Mae takes the Rolls on a spin through the country, enjoying both the sights and the handsome Italian photographer who crosses her path.

    By the outbreak of World War II, the car has come into the possession of socialite Gerda Millet. While on her way to visit Yugoslavian royalty, Gerda and the Rolls become (at first) unwitting and then (eventually) most willing participants in the Yugoslavian fight.

    Directed byAnthony Asquith
    Written byTerence Rattigan



    Ingrid Bergman
    Rex Harrison
    Shirley MacLaine
    Jeanne Moreau
    George C. Scott
    Omar Sharif
    Alain Delon
    Art Carney
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