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    Umberto D

    Poster of the movie Umberto D

    Umberto D

    1h 31min
    1952     Drama     Italy
    Original lang: Italian

    Umberto Domenico is an elderly and retired civil servant, who feels frustated in life after his years are long gone and tries to mantain a decent living on a state pension. However, he faces against many conflicts like his tyrannical landlady, who wants the rent that he is unable to pay and the fact that he has only two friends in the world: a pregnant housemaid and his dog, Flike.

    Directed byVittorio De Sica
    Written byCesare Zavattini
    CompanyJanus FilmsJanus FilmsJanus Films



    Carlo Battisti
    Maria Pia Casilio
    Lina Gennari
    Ileana Simova
    Elena Rea
    Memmo Carotenuto
    Alberto Albani Barbieri
    Pasquale Campagnola
    Riccardo Ferri
    Lamberto Maggiorani
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    Photo from the movie Umberto D

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