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    Straight Talk

    L'affiche du film Straight Talk
    1992     Comédie/drame sentimental    
    1h 31min
    Langue d'origine: anglais

    Shirlee Kenyon arrives in Chicago hoping to find a job. By sheer chance, she finds herself behind a microphone at a radio station. Very simple and full of good advice, she quickly becomes a celebrity and wins the hearts of listeners as well as journalist Jack Russell. But when he discovers the secret of her success, it compromises Shirlee's career and their future. Romance and humor are the keys to this superb entertainment, bringing together Dolly Parton (Steel Magnolias) and James Woods (Once Upon a Time in America).

    Réalisé parBarnet Kellman
    Écrit parCraig Bolotin, Patricia Resnick
    CompagnieBuena VistaBuena VistaBuena Vista

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    Dolly Parton
    James Woods
    Griffin Dunne
    Michael Madsen
    Teri Hatcher
    Philip Bosco
    Jeff Garlin
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