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    Love After Love

    Poster of the movie Love After Love

    Love After Love

    1h 31min
    2017     Drama     USA

    What happens when you lose the foundation of your family? In the wake of a husband and father's death, the family members he leaves behind find themselves adrift -- and in danger of drifting apart -- as they each try to find meaning in a world without the man who held them together. Mother Suzanne (Andie MacDowell) tentatively seeks companionship -- but her attempts at dating only drive a wedge between her and older son Nicholas (Chris O'Dowd), whose own relationship with his girlfriend is disintegrating. Meanwhile, younger son Chris (James Adomian) deals with grief in his own complicated -- and increasingly worrying -- way. What plays out between the trio is a beautifully observed, powerfully emotional journey that speaks to the strength of family ties.

    Directed byRussell Harbaugh
    Written byRussell Harbaugh, Eric Mendelsohn
    CompanyIFC FilmsIFC FilmsIFC Films


    Chris O'Dowd
    Andie MacDowell
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